Water Damage Emergency - What Do I Do Next?

I'm just going to guess at this number, but believe that more than 90% of everyone living in the United States doesn't know how to handle most water damage emergencies. I can't believe how many people I run into, that don't know how to shut off the main water supply to their home. This could be a big problem, if a pipe was to burst in your bathroom and you don't know how to stop it.

I can't go over every type of home emergency in this article, but I can go over a few of them. The biggest problem for homeowners is going to be a water leak. Water leaks create emergency situations, because the water needs to be stopped as soon as possible and if you don't know where the water supply shutoff valve is, you're in trouble.

When water is leaking out of the walls, floors, ceiling or from underneath your bathroom saying, you've got a water damage emergency. If an electrical outlet shorts out and isn't arcing anymore or smoking, there's a good chance that the damaged electrical wires have burnt themselves apart, but a water leak, keeps leaking and leaking and leaking.

I'm not suggesting that a damaged electrical outlet can't become a fire hazard, but a water leak that's starting to flood your house is something that you need to deal with, right now and it can’t wait. Everyone in your house that is capable of shutting off the main water supply valve should understand how to do it and where it is located.

If you don't want to create a panic situation for your family during an emergency, you will follow the advice listed above. You should prepare yourself and your family for as many home emergencies as you possibly can.


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