10 Home Emergency Questions You Need To Know

One of the biggest problems with homeowners today is that they're not prepared for household emergencies like, plumbing leaks, electrical problems, kitchen fires, bathtubs and sinks overflowing, roof leaks while it's raining and last but not least medical emergencies.

Let's see if you can answer a few questions that will help you prepare yourself for home emergencies.

1. Do you have at least three licensed plumber's, electricians and home repair professional phone numbers that are accessible, in case you have a plumbing pipe break or other household emergency?

2. What do you do if one of your children or someone else in the house breaks a window?

3. Who do you call, if you wake up in the middle of the night and your carpeting is soaking wet, because a toilet is clogged and overflowing?

4. Do you know what to do, if it's raining and water is leaking from your ceiling?

5. Who do you call, if you hear gunshots in your neighborhood?

6. What do you do if your house starts shaking violently and you realize that you're in the middle of an earthquake?

7. Does everyone in your family know what to do, if one of the smoke detectors goes off in your home? Make sure that everyone understands exactly what the smoke alarm sounds like.

8. Is everyone in your family prepared, for any communication failures? No access to the telephone, cell phone, radio or television.

9. Does everyone in your family know where the first aide kit is and how to contact someone in case of an emergency? Your family members should understand how to use the 911 services.

10. Everyone that knows how to drive a vehicle should know where the local hospital and fire departments are. For those who don't know how to drive a vehicle, make sure that there is a trusted neighbor they can contact, in case there is an emergency.

Being prepared for an emergency is half the battle. There's nothing worse than something happening to a loved one and no one in the house knows how to handle the situation.