Small Water Leak Turns Into Plumbing Nightmare

This isn't a story about a family that had a small water leak and they called the plumber to fix it, the next day. This story is about a family who had a small water leak and chose not to fix it for 15 years. Hard to imagine, but things like this happen every day.

The small water leak that I am talking about wasn't something that every homeowner would even notice. The water was leaking behind the bathtub fixture valve, only when someone was taking a shower. This type of water leak isn't something that most people even know about, but destroys hundreds if not thousands of homes each year.

Since they didn't notice any of the damage, why would it be a concern? I understand their way of thinking, even though it gets thousands of homeowners in trouble in each year. If you don't know about water damage, why would it even concern you? That makes a lot of sense to me and everyone else that I know.

The next part of this story is going to be hard to believe and if I was you, I wouldn't believe it either. It was about 11 o'clock in the evening when the husband was taking a shower and the entire bathtub collapsed that he was standing in. The water damage had rotted out the wood subfloor that the bathtub was sitting on and eventually collapsed, along with the bathtub and the man standing inside of it.

When the bathtub collapsed, the man taking a shower reached for the only thing that he could grab onto, which was the bathtub water supply valve and it broke also. Water was going everywhere and they weren't prepared for this type of home emergency.

There weren't any computers in the home or telephone books. As a matter of fact, only one person in the house had a cellular phone and the only car at the residence. Since their closest neighbor was more than 1 miles away, they chose to just let the water run, because no one in the house knew how to shut the water off.

They finally got a hold of a plumber, but the damage was unbelievable. If you don't want something like this to happen to you, I suggest that you create an emergency home contractors list and make sure that someone has a phone that works in the house.


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