Basement Flooding Creates Swimming Pool

One of the worst things that could happen to a basement that's located below ground level is water leaking from anywhere. What you're about to hear, is something that rarely happens, but when it does, it isn't good. Find out how one water leak destroyed almost everything in the basement.

The water leak was from a water heater supply pipe that broke. The homeowners weren't away on vacation and believe it or not, this happened while they were home and didn't even know about it for quite some time, it probably wouldn't have been as bad, but the basement was used to store valuable items and as an extra family room.

In other words, no one went down to the basement for all most 40 hours. It might have been another 40 hours before someone went down to the basement, except for the fact that there wasn't any more hot water in the house. How could there be any hot water, the basement flooding extinguished the gas water heater flame and was no longer producing hot water for the rest of the house.

The basement was full of water and the homeowner estimated the height of the water about 5 feet from the ground. That's a lot of water and getting the water out, took the homeowner more than six hours. The homeowner that I'm talking about, had an emergency contractor list already prepared and called one of the contractors, who arrived at their home shortly. Sometimes it's nice to be prepared for home damage emergencies.

Stuff like this happens more often than you think, but being prepared for it makes all the difference in the world. This homeowner might not have saved everything in his basement and there really isn't an exact science to knowing when a plumbing pipe is going to break.

If you have valuable items, you might not want to store them in your basement. Like I said, things like this happen and those that are prepared for them, will probably handle home emergency situations like water leaks without panicking, if they're prepared for them.

Make sure that you're prepared for the emergencies that you can do something about.


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