Working With Bathroom Designers And Contractors

Don't rely entirely on the information that a contractor or bathroom designer gives you. Use their information along with your own ideas to create your dream bathroom. Don't forget it's your bathroom and you're the one that needs to be happy with the finished product.

The bathroom remodeling contractor could give you money-saving advice, so listen to what the contractor has to say. A good example of this would be if you're planning on moving your toilet over 10 inches to accommodate for a larger bathtub, a contractor might mention the expense involved in moving the plumbing. It can become quite costly to move waste pipes in concrete floors.

It's not usually in your contractor's best interest to mention this, he will make more money if he does more work. However, a good bathroom remodeling contractor should point out expenses like this to their clients. It's a good idea for homeowners to make decisions based on expenses, not emotions.

Now the bathroom designer could have an entirely different agenda. Designers have a different mindset than contractors and homeowners. They usually know what looks best to them and their creations could become very artistic or exotic, this could become costly if not controlled. Some bathroom designers will not budge or change their creation, this does not benefit the contractor or the homeowner most of the time.

Bathroom designers and contractors should be flexible with their client at all times. If the homeowner, for example does not like the style of the toilet and the designer is using this as a focal point in the bathroom, this could create problems with the bathroom remodeling project. Problems like this are normally solved creatively, not by arguing.

With the bathroom designer and contractors help, you will find a happy medium or agree upon a different bathroom design. Don't let your contractor or designer push you around, you will end up with a bathroom remodel that you're not entirely happy with.

The main goal is to keep the homeowner happy and if your contractor or designer are not willing to provide you with the bathroom up your dreams, find somebody else to work with.