Don't Just Work For Anyone - Remodeling Contractors

Often contractors seem to need work more than the homeowners seek the services of contractors, but I would like to give anyone in their remodeling business, a little bit of advice, when it comes to selecting the right homeowners to work for.

Usually, before I go out on an estimate, I have talked to the perspective client on the phone or through my e-mail service. This usually gives me a few tips about their personality, before ever going out to give the estimate. If the people are rude or obnoxious type of personalities, try to postpone the job estimate, to see if they get irritated. If they get irritated at this, could you imagine how irritated they will become, if there are any problems during the remodeling project?

Here's the best advice that I can give to any remodeling contractors, you don't have to work for everyone. This will usually become more important to you, the longer you stay in business. I won't work for just anyone, if I don't get along with them, I will usually tell them that I'm too busy, to bid their project and if they persist, I will simply tell them that they weren't very nice to me and I would suggest that they work on their people skills, if they are seriously interested in working with other people.

If you need work badly, you will probably work for anyone, but try to avoid being treated cruelly. Often people view contractors as someone who is ripping them off and I have to admit, I know plenty of contractors that actually do this. That's not who I am, but yet I get lumped into the same group. It might not be fair, but that's the way it is.

Try to avoid working for anyone, who treats you poorly. It never seems to work out for either the contractor or the person who has requested your services. If you're having some serious doubts about working for a particular client, because you just don't feel comfortable with them, you might want to think twice about doing the job.

I always like to check back with these people, in the future, just to see how their job went. Most of the time, they had difficulties with their contractor and I could only imagine, that it wasn't entirely just the contractor who was at fault.

Try to avoid working for mean people, who think that your overpaid and only interested in doing shabby work. People like these are most contractors worst nightmares.


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