Wood Truss Roof Repairs - Home Framing Advice

It's not common to find damaged roof trusses when building a new house, but every once in a while you will run into a problem where a truss has been damaged or even destroyed. This could hold up the final buildings completion date if not taken care of, immediately.

Here's a little advice from an experienced building and framing contractor. I cut one truss, while installing a stairwell for a two-story room addition and it held the job up for one month. The building inspector wouldn't sign off the house framing or let me continue working on the project, until this truss was repaired and this required a correction from the structural engineer and the city building department. What a nightmare.

If you're building a home and you notice that the roof trusses are damaged, before they have been unpackaged or used. You should contact the roof truss company immediately, to find out, what steps will be necessary to resolve the problem. Sometimes these problems can be solved simply and inexpensively, but you won't know until you contact them for further instructions.

There are plenty of ways that these roof trusses can be repaired, even after they have been installed. So whatever you do, don't panic, if these trusses have already been installed.

The best advice I can give you, for any wood truss roof repairs, would be to contact the manufacturer and get a professional to look at the damage as soon as possible. If they don't respond in a timely manner, try to avoid using them in the future.

Unless you damaged the roof truss, they should be responsible. If you damaged the roof truss, you will need to accept responsibility and understand that you will be paying for these repairs.