Wood Flooring Problems In Bathrooms

Most people like wood because it gives them a wonderful and natural feeling. I believe this natural feeling comes from our overwhelming urge to be a part of nature. Wood furniture and other household items that are made from wood, seem to create a relaxing environment in our homes.

Why wouldn't it be natural for us to use this material for our floors? Wood floors seem to be durable and hold up pretty good over long periods of time. They do seem to suffer from scratches and stains though. Wood floors can often be sanded and refinished to bring the flooring back to its original condition.

One of the biggest problems I have noticed over the years, is the use of wood floors in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas and entryways. These areas often suffer from moisture over time. When a wood floor gets wet, it will expand and then when it dries, it will contract or shrink.

Over time this expanding and contracting will start to loosen the wood flooring. If the wood flooring has no place to expand, it will often buckle. I don't know what is worse, a wood floor that you can't walk on because it is warped and buckled, or a wood floor with a lot of gaps and cracks in it.

Bathrooms are probably the worst place, for a wood floor. Getting out of the bath tub or shower could be hazardous to the flooring. If you dry yourself off completely in the shower, before stepping onto the floor, this would definitely help the life of the wood flooring. This does not include the moisture in the air from the warm shower that will eventually, work its way into the flooring.

A good example of this would be, heavy bathroom use, or in other words, quite a few people using the same bathroom. This would put larger amounts of moisture into the flooring and walls eventually leading to water damage, mold and wood rot. In some cases the moisture will actually sit and saturate the wood flooring, because it has no place to go. This will ruin the wood floor sooner.

Moisture and wood don't seem to mix very well, since its used in nature for the decomposition of wood and is part of the cleaning process.

If you use wood flooring in some of these wet areas, keep the flooring as dry as possible, keep your eye out for any water leaks and be careful when stepping out the shower or bath tub. Try to keep the floor moisture free for as long as possible.