Why Do Referred Contractors Charge More Money?

It might seem hard to believe, but whenever you refer a contractor to one of your friends or family members, there's a good chance that your contractor will charge them a little more money or premium prices, because they feel like they all ready got the job. I have been running into situations like this for quite some time now and would like to share them with anyone ready to listen.

It doesn't get any simple than this, you hire a contractor and they do a wonderful job, fixing or remodeling your home. You're happy with them and start telling everyone you know about them. It's not long before these people get a good reputation and no longer need to advertise.

Often contractors like these become so busy, they need to raise their prices. If they become even busier, most contractors will raise their prices again, until they're getting premium prices for home repairs and remodeling. This usually becomes a big problem, when the economy is going gangbusters and the demand for contractor’s increases.

Whenever someone refers me to a job, most of the homeowners already know that I do quality work and I'm not the cheapest contractor. I'm definitely not the most expensive contractor, but I like to make good money and I normally do. If I visit a house for an estimate that a past client referred me to, there is a very good chance that I'm going to be working for these homeowners.

I'm not like all the other contractors and keep my prices very reasonable for everyone that I work with, but there are some contractors out there who don't. If you like the contractor that's referred to you, whatever you do, don't tell them that they already got the job and you can't wait to be working with them, until you have contacted two other contractors to get more estimates.

If you're not going to get more than one estimate, you're not going to know if your contractor is charging you more than the average contractor. Please get at least three estimates and don't fall in love with your first contractor.