What Kind Of Jackhammer Do I Use?

If you don't own a jackhammer, I would suggest that you go down to your local rental yard and explain your situation to them. These people are extremely helpful, and most of them have a lot of knowledge, about jackhammers and concrete demolition. But let me help you out, with a few simple tips on jackhammers.

Let's start with a 30 pound chipping Hammer, these small jackhammers usually way around 30 pounds and can be used for chipping off stucco and small sections of concrete. They are also used for chipping pool plaster off of swimming pools.

The next jackhammer is believe it or not the 60 pound jackhammer and it usually weighs around 60 pounds and can be used for sidewalk or driveway demolition. These jackhammers are often lighter than the 90 pound jackhammers and will be easier to use and maneuver, around areas of concrete that aren't thicker than 4 inches.

Well, you guessed it, the next jackhammer is a 90 pound jackhammer and it can be used for sidewalks, but is heavier and harder to maneuver. The main difference, between a 60 pound jackhammer and a 90 pound jackhammer, is the additional weight. The additional weight will often let the hammer, go into the concrete easier, but don't forget, this jackhammer is 30 pounds heavier and this can were some people out, especially someone who doesn't have any training, in the field of demolition.

Well you're probably going to find this hard to believe, but there is one more jackhammer and if you were to guess the weight of the jackhammer, you would probably be right. That's right, there is a 120 pound jackhammer, but this jackhammer is rarely used at rental yards. This is a big jackhammer and I personally have never used one before, or even lifted one.

Well that's a quick summary on the different kinds of jackhammers that can be rented at your local rental yard and used for concrete demolition. I hope this article was helpful.