My Water Heater Destroyed Garage Walls

It's almost inconceivable how much damage one small water leak can do to a garage wall. I'm here to tell you, in person that I have seen this happen more than once and the damage is often unbelievable.

If you're not interested in maintaining your house and inspect it on a regular basis for any problems, especially water leaks, you could find yourself spending a lot of money on home repairs in the future. What I'm about to share with you is a problem that could have been solved for under $20, but ended up costing the homeowner over $1200.

The homeowner didn't maintain the property and was renting the home to some people that he knew. He never bothered to inspect his own property, and ended up paying the price later. It's hard to imagine that most renters aren't really interested in taking care of something that really isn't theirs, but this stuff happens.

When I went out to the house to give the homeowner an estimate, I had a pretty good idea what was wrong and what caused the water damage to the walls in the garage. I told the homeowner, what caused the problem and how it could have been avoided if someone would've took some time to inspect this area.

It only took me a couple of days to fix the damage, but there was mold, mildew, some type of fungus I'd never seen before under the water heater platform and wood rot on the garage walls. If the homeowner wouldn't have fixed this repair, when he did, it could have eventually ruined their bathroom walls and flooring on the other side.

If you own a house, you should maintain it and this would include inspecting your home on a regular basis. If you see a problem or something that looks like it could be a problem, this would be the best time to do some investigating. If something in your house is broken, you should repair it as soon as possible, to save yourself future frustration and the possibility of the problem becoming larger, as time goes on.