What Do I Do With My Water Damaged Carpet?

Every homeowner's nightmare, your roof was leaking and has now damaged your carpeting, along with your ceiling and some of the wood framing. What do I do with my water damaged carpet?

First thing you should do is contact your homeowner's insurance company. Usually they can send someone out to help you deal with the problem, immediately. However, if they're not going to help you or tell you that they can send someone out in a couple of days, your carpeting could be in trouble. It's time to take action, yourself.

Here is the next best thing and I recommend this, to anyone who has suffered from water damaged carpet. You have two options, contact a contractor who deals with damaged carpeting or go down to your local rental yard and explain your situation to them. Most of these people are extremely helpful and have already helped people like you in the past.

They will usually recommend floor blowers that will help you dry out your carpeting. You won't need to purchase them, because hopefully you will never need them again and the money that you will spend renting the fans, will usually be a lot cheaper than replacing the damaged carpeting.

If the carpeting ever starts to smell, you might need to replace it or contact a carpet cleaning professional. Your carpeting has now become a farm for mold and mildew to grow in. Make sure that you clean and dry these carpets as fast as you can and hopefully you won't have any problems from the water damaged carpeting in the future.

Don't forget to fix the original water leak, or you will be going through this process again, in the near future.