Water Damage Cleanup

The most important thing to remember about water damage cleanup is that water can contain harmful bacteria. If the water looks dirty, there could be something wrong with it. Keep this in mind and wear protective clothing.

Water damage cleanup can only take place after you stop the water from entering the home.

If the water damage was caused from a broken pipe, roof leak or flooding, make sure the proper repairs have been made before you start cleaning up the water. If the water is leaking from a pipe, shut the water off to the house. If the water is leaking from your roof, is it possible to catch this water with large trash cans or buckets. Your priority before doing the water damage cleanup, will be to stop the water leaking if possible.

1. Most homeowners have a wet dry shop vac, this can be used to clean up the water on the floor. The shop vac will not get all of the water or enough of the water out of the carpeting, most of the time. Be extremely careful with the extension cord when using any electrical equipment around water. Do not let the shop that cord lay on the ground if it's wet.

2. If the water damage is minor, you can always a mop or towels for the water damage cleanup. If the water looks dirty, it could be unsafe and you should wear protective clothing and rubber gloves. Try to avoid direct contact with the water, just in case there's bacteria or other harmful elements in the water.

3. After you've got most of the water up, it's time to start drying out the area with a fan or blower of some sort. Any fans can be used as long as you remember to handle the electrical equipment very carefully. If you're going to set a fan down on something wet, you could always set it on top of a piece of plywood, cardboard or plastic. I have even used lawn blower's in situations like this when necessary. Remember avoid contact between electrical equipment and moisture.

4. Your local rental yard, could have some equipment that you could rent for a couple of days to help you with the water damage cleanup.

5. In this sounds like something that you're not comfortable with, contact someone who is. You can click on some of the links on this page for more help and advice.

If the water damage is severe, and by this I mean, if the flooring is wet for longer than 24 hours, you should contact a professional water removal contractor to prevent mold and mildew from creating a health hazard in the home. Don't forget to call your homeowners insurance company and find out how they can help resolve the problem.