Using Recycled Bathroom Fixtures Saves Money

This might not sound like the best way to save money, especially if you're planning on remodeling your bathroom. Especially if you would like your bathroom to look new, so how can you save any money, by using recycled bathroom fixtures.

You're probably not going to hear me talking about faucets, but almost every other part of a bathroom, can be reused and recycled. Let's start with the bathtubs. Bathtubs can be refinished, or simply cleaned up. A cast-iron bathtub, is usually an extremely durable product and I would imagine, if you found an old one, and the price was right, you could save yourself a few dollars.

Now I'm not talking about the cheaper bathroom cabinets, that are assembled after you purchase them from IKEA or your local home improvement center, I'm talking about solid wood bathroom cabinets. I'm talking about cabinets made from Oak, Maple, or even cherry woods.

If you're interested in saving money, but don't mind putting a little bit of your own hard work into refinishing or simply cleaning up these products, you could find yourself in bathroom recycle heaven.

Keep this in mind, the next time you're thinking about purchasing an expensive cast-iron bathtub, cabinets, mirrors and even tile. There are plenty of architectural salvage places popping up all over the United States, as demand continues to grow for their products.