Using A Contractor To Design Your Home

What's wrong with this picture, would you use a butcher, to work on your automobile, then you surely wouldn't use a contractor to design your home. I'm not saying that some contractors aren't qualified to design your home, but you'd better think twice, before taking action.

I'm a contractor, and I have designed quite a few room additions and even a few two story room additions over existing single-story homes. I'm a contractor and I'm not a home designer or an architect and I can tell you right now, that the buildings I designed, to save the homeowner and myself money, were rarely anything to write home about.

This is the biggest problem, when using someone who isn't trained in a particular field, to design your new home. Even with my experience in the construction business, and it's extensive, I don't know everything that a home designer or architect, knows about home designing.

It's easy for an experienced contractor to build a simple home, that will have a simple interior and a simple exterior. If that's what you want, then an experienced contractor, who has built a few homes before, and has extensive knowledge in blueprint reading and drawing, could be qualified to design your home.

Let me simplify things here. Contractors build homes, architects and home designers, design them. There's a very good chance, that you're going to get a better product, or home designed, from an experienced home designer or licensed architect. These people are professionals and their business and understand certain things that most building contractors don't.

Think twice, before having a building contractor, design your house.