Universal Construction Methods Remain The Same

In case you're wondering why most houses look similar and are constructed and relatively the same method, you're absolutely right. Most homes are designed and constructed in similar manners, using standard construction methods.

The most common home built in the United States are built out of wood and concrete. Most of these home start with a concrete building foundation and then are constructed using standardized wood framing techniques that have been around for years.

These Universal construction and design methods have been used for almost 100 years now. There have been vast improvements in the ways that home construction actually takes place. When I first started working in construction, you might have anywhere from 10 to 15 people working on 20 houses. Today, you might have 50 people working on 20 houses to increase the speed that newer homes will be built in.

It's hard to imagine that they are still using similar construction methods today that were used 30 years ago, but it's true. We've gotten rid of hand nailing carpenters and replace them with pneumatic fastening devices. To speed up the home assembly process, but the most common methods that were used when I started out, are still used today.

It will be interesting to see what changes in the future will be made in the construction industry, but for now things are relatively built the same way that they were built 50 years ago.