Understanding Your Online Contractor Referral Company

This is a special message to all homeowners and other contractors who use some online contractor referral companies. Some of these companies charge outrageous fees and you should be aware, of the fees that these companies charge, before using their services.

I can't imagine the amount of money that some of these online contractor referral companies are actually making. Could you imagine, collecting almost $300 and in some cases more than $300, simply for providing a friendly service to the homeowner or other contractors that are looking for home repair, home remodeling or home building contractors.

Here is how one company operates. You go online and fill out the form that they have provided and let's say that you're looking for a few bathroom remodeling contractors. You provide all the information that they have required and then they immediately e-mail or contact the contractors that are willing to pay large amounts of money, for your business information.

How valuable is this information, how does $65 per contractor sound. Surprised, I am just guessing at what the amount is today, this is what it used to be a few years ago. It could actually be over $100 per contractor today. These fees start to get larger and larger as more contractors are signing up for the services.

The information that you have filled out, with your friendly online contractor referral service, has just made this company between 300 and $400. The contractors don't end up paying these fees, they get past down to unsuspecting homeowners. Do a little bitter research, before using one of these online contractor referral services. Most of this information can be found in the contractor areas on these sites.