Unclogging Sink Drains The Easy Way

Here's something that most plumbers don't want you to know, there is an easier way to unclog sink drains than you might have ever imagined. It's called using a shop vacuum and a little common sense.

Let's say that you drop your wedding ring into the sink and it rolls down the drain. Don't fret or worry, if you have a shop vacuum, you could save yourself a lot of money. One very important thing that I would like you to remember in a situation like this is to never run any additional water down the sink. This could push the object that you are looking for into your home sewer system, never to be seen again.

If the shop vacuum tip doesn't work, you can always call a plumber or disconnect the sink trap yourself and reassemble it after you have removed the treasure that you were seeking.

Okay, you drop something down the sink drain, you don't need to panic. Get your shop vacuum cleaner, turn it on and put the vacuum hose directly over the sink drain. This will usually pull up anything that was dropped down the drain.

The vacuum suction will usually pull up any water that was trapped in the drain. Make sure that you have removed the filter and cleaned out the shop vacuum thoroughly, before sucking any water through it.

You can also apply a cloth or stocking over the end of the vacuum hose nozzle. This will prevent the object that you are looking for, from going through the vacuum. Another handy tip from Greg Vandenberge Construction Company.