Toilet Accidents You Need To Know About

You would be surprised, if you ever read an insurance company's statistics for accidents that happen in your bathroom. You would even be more surprised, if I was to tell you about the accidents that happen while someone is using the toilet, before someone uses the toilet or after someone uses the toilet.

One of the biggest problems involving your bathroom toilet is going to involve young men who are barely tall enough to use the toilet. Try to imagine a young boy between the ages of four and six years old who is using the toilet with the toilet seat lifted up as the unsuspecting young man, starts to notice the toilet seat falling down onto his private area. Ouch, that's got to hurt.

You probably haven't ever heard of this one, but toilets have actually been known to collapse as the weight of its patron is too much for it to bear. Something like this actually happened in my home. One of our guests who was a large man needed to use our bathroom, when all of a sudden I heard something break. It wasn't the toilet bowl, but it was the toilet seat and it had broken into two pieces. I could only imagine the damage that the toilet seat would have done, if it would have broken into a few more pieces.

Another problem with toilet safety is the toilet actually disconnecting from its floor mount and falling over, while the patron is sitting down or getting ready to get off of the toilet.

There are plenty of other safety problems related to your bathroom toilet that can create accidents so be careful. If you're having problems getting up or sitting down on your toilet, it wouldn't be a bad idea, to install some toilet grab bars onto your bathroom walls.

Always think safety and remember that most of the accidents that happen within your home our bathroom related.