Three Ways To Save Money When Building A New Home

When it comes to saving money, I don't think that there is one person in the world that isn't interested in saving a few dollars if they can. When building a new home, there are thousands of ways that you can save money. I'm going to share three of them with you.

1. Hiring a good general contractor. This could cost you thousands of dollars, if you hire at the wrong general contractor. You will need to avoid any general contractors that seems shady or aren't answering all of your questions properly. These contractors could give you a low price and after you sign the contract, could start to add additional fees during the course of the project. These fees will soon raise the overall cost of the home and start to create problems, between you and your contractor.

2. Don't get change ordered to death. Make sure that your contractor understands that you're going to be working within a fixed budget and if he can't build the house, within that budget, you need to make him aware that you will not be paying him for his services. I have seen contractors give homeowners a low price to get the job and then make them pay for every small additional change so that they can make a small profit, by the time the job is completed. Don't let this happen to you when building your new house.

3. Make sure that your general contractor gets three legitimate bids from other subcontractors in your area. Some contractors get kickbacks from subcontractors that they use on a regular basis. This could cost you a lot of money during your project. You could actually get a few bids on your own, if your contractor or doesn't want to spend time to acquire them.

The biggest mistake that you could make, is hiring the wrong general contractor. It doesn't matter whether this person is a Christian or has more experience than anyone else in your area. I have seen arrogance, pride, ignorance and even someone's religious philosophy create a home-building nightmare for the homeowner and other contractors.

As they say in the movies, choose wisely.