Three Methods For Repairing Your House Foundation

You realize that you have some large cracks and some damage to your building foundation. What are you going to do about the damage and is it even that big of a deal? Here are 3 methods for repairing your house foundation that you might find extremely helpful, especially if you have any damage.

1. Large Crack Cosmetic Repairs

Large cracks can be filled with cement, cement-based epoxies, caulking or other types of adhesives. By filling the cracks, you're not fixing the structural damage, you're simply making it look a little better. Don't be fooled by professionals who guarantee their products to work miracles on your building foundation.

2. Fixing Large Structural Cracks

You have a crack in your foundation that you can stick your finger in and you would like to fix it. A general contractor, real estate professional, handyman or other home repair professionals, aren't going to be much help to you here. You're going to need to contact a structural or civil engineer to make the correct repairs. Feel free to contact a general contractor or other contractors, but these professionals will usually need to contact some type of engineer, to figure out what needs to be done.

3. Fixing Small Cracks

If your dealing with a small foundation crack. Something that's less than 1/16 of an inch wide, you could fill it with a concrete epoxy or caulking and then monitor it. It wouldn't be a bad idea to take a few pictures of the building foundation where the small cracks have been filled with caulking and date them.

This wouldn't be a bad idea or all of your foundation cracks. Take a few pictures and keep records of any structural movement or cracks that are getting larger over time.