Three Home Building Planning Tips

There is probably over a thousand home planning tips that I could produce, but here's three that I have thought about and they might not be the most important, but they could make the biggest difference, while you're working on your new home.

One of the first things that your going to need to do, is to hire an architect or a home designer. After that, the architect or home designer might be able to refer a structural engineer to you, otherwise you will need to find an engineer. The next step of this process, will be to hire a general building contractor, unless you're planning on building the home yourself.

I would like to give you a little advice, before you select, any one of these people to do business with.

1. One of the most important things that you need to know when planning on building a home, is to make sure, and I mean to make really sure, that you get along with these people. If you don't, get rid of them.

2. Make sure that your contractor, home designer, architect or engineers aren't having any family or marital problems. If you hire someone that proclaims to be a Christian, you could find yourself joining Bible study, simply to get your home built.

3. This might not be as important as the two above, but you need to make sure that these people actually have the experience and know-how to actually build the home.

This might not sound like the best advice, that someone could possibly give you, until, you been there. I've had to deal with inexperienced people who claim to be professionals, I've had to deal with contractors and workers who aren't showing up, because of marital, financial, emotional, alcoholic, drug related, and any other sort of problem that you could possibly think of and these people can impact the overall time period that your home will be completed.

It doesn't hurt to make a small list of questions to ask these people. If one of these professionals is having problems with anything in their life or you don't get along with them, it could hold your job up for months and sometimes even years.

You don't have to pay for this advice, so the least you could do is listen to it.