Think Twice Before Using An Online Deck Building Referral Service

It's hard to imagine all the contractors that are working today and dealing with these online contractor referral services. Some contractors have chosen to pay the high price that comes along with purchasing a job lead from these people.

I would like to share something with you, that most homeowners and very few contractors know about. Some of these online referral services, charge large amounts of money, for information that the homeowner has provided them at no charge.

Don't be confused, as a homeowner or someone else who is requesting the services from these referral companies that are free. A lot of times, something that's free, seems to cost someone else money in the future.

Let me explain how some of these online contractor referral services actually work. You're looking for a deck contractor so you fill out the information on their friendly website. They send it to a few contractors, whom they are going to charge between five dollars and $1000, depending upon the total cost of your project in some cases.

Here's where the problem starts, the contractors that are paying these large fees or business expenses, simply pass them on to the homeowners that they are going to be working for. This is how business is done and anyone, who is familiar with basic business, understands this principle.

Here's what I'm recommending to you, the next time that you're going to use one of these services. Make sure that you have a good idea, how much money they're charging the contractors for your information. This could affect the overall cost of your project.