5 Things Contractors Won't Tell Homeowners

One of the biggest problems in business today is communication and if you can't communicate effectively, you're going to have problems doing business. Here's 5 things contractors won't tell homeowners and some of these things usually effect their business.

1. How pleasant was it to work with them. If you're in the construction business and you have a pleasant experience with one of your clients, you had better make sure that you tell them. Every one likes to hear good things and homeowners are no different.

2. Did the homeowner pay you on time? If the homeowner is making their payments on time, it wouldn't be a bad idea at the end of the job to share a couple of stories with them about problems you had with homeowners in the past, it's who didn't pay you on time.

3. If the homeowner provided you with water, drinks or food, make sure that you thank them and show your appreciation. These are common courtesy things that most people do when they have guests over to their house. If they truly make you feel comfortable working on their home, make sure that you acknowledge this.

4. Did the homeowners handle any problems in a positive way? This could be and usually is one of the biggest problems between contractors and homeowners. It wouldn't be a bad idea to tell them that they have excellent problem solving skills.

5. Last but not least in the most important one of all, is to thank the homeowners for choosing you to work on their job. It's always nice when you and the homeowner both benefit, while working together on your remodeling project.

As competition in the construction industry gets tougher and tougher, contractors need to learn how to deal constructively and communicate effectively with homeowners. Nobody wants to work with someone that they don't get along with. If you're serious about staying in business, you should try to improve your communication skills and always extend common courtesy to your customers.


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