They Don't Build Things Like They Used To

You've probably heard this before, especially from someone who is older than you, but there is some truth to it. Think about this for a moment, I remember my grandmother and grandfather having the same furniture and appliances in their home, my entire life.

In other words, my grandfather built the home when my father was nine, and my grandmother sold the home when my father was around 67 years old. They had the same floor furnace, for years.

I'm sure that you know someone who has a similar story about something that was built along time ago, but the truth is, some things that were built along time ago, seemed to last a lot longer than things that are built today.

I can't tell you how many wood windows I tore out and replaced with aluminum windows, only later, to be replaced by vinyl windows. Which one of these products is superior to the others, is yet to be known.

Here's something that I can say about older wood windows, they lasted a long time and seemed to be built pretty good, until someone needed to paint them. Once these would windows were painted, they seem to suffer from poor painting, only to find themselves sticking, never to be opened again.

When I look at some of the building products, that are made today, they seem to be weaker and less durable. A good example of this, would be the nails that I used, when I first started working, versus the nails that I currently use today.

For the most part, it is true, they really don't build things like they used to. I wonder what building products will look like 50 years from now.