Storage Cabinets Over Toilets

If you need extra bathroom storage, a simple solution would be to install a cabinet over the toilet. Some of these cabinets are large enough to solve all of your bathroom storage problems. More expensive cabinets have doors or drawers and come in different shapes and styles. Some of these storage cabinets can become the focal point in the bathroom. Usually the bath tub or shower is the main focal point.

Storage cabinets over toilets can be mounted right on the wall or stand on the floor, going around the toilet. This could become a problem if the toilet lever is on the side or on top. Check the width of the cabinet to make sure it's wide enough to go around the toilet and still leave you plenty of room to flush the toilet comfortably. This seems to be the biggest problem with these bathroom storage cabinets.

Toilets that are taller than average could also create problems, check the height of the toilet to make sure the storage cabinet will fit comfortably over the toilet. Measuring your toilet before you go shopping, will save you a trip back to the home improvement center if you need to return it. These measurements will become more important if you're ordering something over the Internet, this could require you to pay for the shipping costs if you need to return the storage cabinet.

Another problem was storage cabinets over the toilets, is they are harder to reach for some people. The toilet is usually in the way and does not allow you easy access. Shorter people will have more problems reaching over the toilet than taller ones. Standing on top of the toilet seat is never a good choice and should be prevented by using a small step stool.

The toilet's seat can move very easily while you're standing on it and this could cause someone to fall and hurt themselves. It's never a good idea to stand on top of the toilet seat.

If you install a storage cabinet over the toilet, store items that aren't used frequently. This will lessen the inconvenience but provide you with additional storage that is much needed in your bathroom.