Starting A Construction Business - Capital

If you're planning on building hotels, strip malls and hundreds of homes, right off the bat, you might need a lot more capital to start a construction business. If you're planning on starting a construction business and working your way up, by working on smaller jobs and then advancing to the larger ones, you might not need a lot of money to get your construction company off the ground.

I started my construction company with less than $500 worth of tools. All the tools that I owned had already been purchased and I was using them daily. I had a saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, wheelbarrow, ladder, trowels, shovels and a stapler. I had a few more tools, but these tools were enough to build my first 16' x 16' room addition with a wood shake roof.

The money that I made from my first job, allowed me to buy more tools and do more advertising. After my first job, I did other jobs like it, home repairs, bathroom remodeling, installed doors and windows, roofing, siding, decks, patios, concrete, and skylight installations.

The construction business doesn't require a lot of capital and most of us have already bought the tools that we need. If you think about it, all you need is a contractor's license, a place of business, a vehicle and your tools. You've already got the education and know how to do the work, so what are you waiting for.

I don't know how many people I've met, who told me that I was lucky. I always seem to get luckier, the harder I work. It never made much sense to me, why someone wouldn't want to start their own business and make more money, especially if they already have the knowledge, experience and know-how.

Remember that starting your own construction company, doesn't require a lot of capital, most of the time. Start small and work your way up and soon you'll have the money to do bigger and better jobs.