Stair Builders Directory Page Positioning Experiment

In the advertising world, bigger is always going to be better and first position is always going to be better than second. I can't stress the importance of signing up for the Stair Builders Directory, before your competition does. If you know anything about advertising, you probably don't need to read the rest of this article and should have already signed up for your gold membership. However, if your business isn't doing as good as you would like or your main concern is growing your business, you need to open your eyes and pay attention to everything written in this article.

Let's just say that you don't believe that first is going to be better than second and second is going to be better than third and so on. Ask a friend to find a stair builder or other professionals, using the Stair Builders Directory, to see how they select these companies. Will they gravitate towards the upper section of the web pages, go directly to the bottom of the web pages or hover around the middle of these web pages. Don't tell your friend, what you're doing or give them any clues. This could ruin your experiment.

It wouldn't be a bad idea, to let your friends know that you're doing a little experiments on business marketing and you will give them the results after they have selected a few stair building companies. Always let your friends know what the experiment was about and repeat the process, to improve your results on the experiment. One or two people, will give you a vague idea, 10 people will give you some definite insight and more than 25 people will produce results that you can work with.

Don't just use our website, go to other directories and observe how your friends navigate through these pages. There's a good chance, that most of your friends will select contractors in the gold membership area. There is something special about gold and these gold memberships could be worth their weight in gold, especially if you're receiving one new customer per week from the directory.

Be conscious of how you work your way through catalogs and directories to observe your own reactions to this process. Once you become conscious of this activity, you will see how important page positioning is in marketing.