Spotting Tuff Clients In The Construction Business

Some clients can make your life a living nightmare, if you choose to work for these people, they could make your life extremely miserable. Here's a story about a man that called me one time for an estimate, but didn't seem to understand, how to treat people, especially people that don't need to work for people like him.

I once had a man call me for an estimate, and he requested that I give him at least three referrals, before I went to his house. He was sarcastic and seemed to treat me like a possession. This is one of the reasons why I am self-employed, I don't like being treated as someone else's possession and there are quite a few people that are self-employed, that don't want or expect to be treated as a child.

I gave him the three referrals, because I needed some business at the time. It took about a month for him to get back with me and when he finally did, I had plenty of work and didn't need to deal with this kind of person.

He had irritated me, but I figured, that since I had went through all of the trouble and he actually went and visited each one of the three houses and got an extremely positive response from the homeowners, I thought, I might as well bid his job anyway.

I was supposed to meet with him at eight o'clock, one evening and it was about six o'clock and I didn't have anything to do, so I called to ask him if I could come over a little bit earlier. He got a little snotty with me and told me that my appointment was at eight o'clock.

I couldn't help myself, I waited until eight o'clock and then called the man back and told him that I wasn't interested in bidding his work anymore. His personality almost changed instantly to that of a young innocent child. He ask me nicely, when could we schedule another appointment, I told him that I was too busy and I wouldn't be able to bid his job, anytime soon. He immediately switched back into the role of Mr. Dictator and started to tell me, that it was my responsibility and obligation to give him an estimate.

I'm going to have to leave the rest of the story to your imagination. Some of the words that I said to him, would only show my ignorance. I didn't handle the situation very good and wish that I wouldn't handled it differently.

The moral to this story is that, I didn't have to work for this person. Some people can become verbally abusive and out right cruel to contractors and other people. Try to avoid working for these people at all costs. All it takes is for them to get mad at you once, and it creates an uncomfortable working environment for everyone involved in the project.