Some Termite Repair Companies Do More Damage Than Good

Just because someone is well dressed or a well groomed, doesn't make them professional repairman, even though our subconscious mind easily puts the two and two together and assumes that these people know what they're doing. Most homeowners don't know the difference between a good home repair and a bad one anyway. This lets some termite repair companies get away with poor home repairs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about every termite repair man or every termite company, I'm talking about some termite companies and trying to make a point here to anyone that's reading this article. Make sure that you ask the termite company for experienced professionals and be firm with this request. Explain to them, that you will not be paying them for services that are inferior or less than, what they promised to repair originally.

The reason why I'm writing this article, is because a friend of mine asked me to repair some of his termite damaged wood on the exterior of his home. He explained to me, what the termite company promised to repair and when he was done, I told him that I couldn't do the job for as cheap as they promised. I explained to him, that they might not repair everything properly and he should ask someone in charge, exactly what kind of repairs they are going to be doing and to be specific. Make sure that you get all of these repairs in writing also.

He didn't take my advice and really never gave my words another thought. After the work was completed and I went over to visit him and his wife, I noticed that the repairs were not done in the manner that he had explained them to me. I could have actually done the repairs cheaper than the termite company, but I was misled by his description of the repairs that were going to be done.

Two of the repairs made by the termite repair company, will create a structural problem for the patio support header. To repair their repairs would probably cost more than their original estimate for the home repairs that were done properly. Make sure you get everything in writing or you could find yourself with similar problems.