Small Water Leaks - Roofers Ultimate Nightmares

I've seen some of the smallest water leaks, destroy large areas of the homes interior and even some of the structural framing members. Some of these water leaks, can become many roofers ultimate nightmare.

Here's a story that I would like to share with you about a water leak that I encountered, after I had just installed a new roof, on one of my room additions. I had just finished the roof, and it wasn't long before the homeowner was ready to move in. After the homeowner had moved all of the furniture in and the new room addition had received a beautiful layer of carpeting, did the nightmare begin?

These small water leaks, never seemed to show up, until you've been off the job for a few weeks, and sometimes even a few months. But the worst ones, seem to be the ones that happen a few years later, after the homeowners had lost the roofers phone number. Or worse yet, the house was sold and the information was never transferred. Good for the roofing contractor, bad news for the homeowner.

Anyway, this water leak had destroy about 20% of the ceiling, and if the homeowner hadn't acted fast enough, it would have destroyed some of their furniture and quite possibly could have damaged the carpeting. This water leak wasn't any bigger than a quarter of an inch square and was located above the right corner of a skylight that I had installed, but didn't properly flash.

Even the best of us, make mistakes and they should be expected, to happen every once in a while. I paid for my mistake, fixed the water leak and repaired the ceiling. Sometimes the ultimate roofers nightmare, can be solved easily, other times, it can end up costing them a small fortune.

If you're the homeowner, try to be compassionate, the next time you need to contact your roofing contractor, because there’s a small water leak or another repair that needs to be done. It doesn't do you any good, to yell and scream at your roofing contractor. It might make you feel good, but it makes them feel bad. Nobody likes to make mistakes and more than that, nobody likes to pay for these mistakes. Normally it's the roofing contractor, who ends up paying for these mistakes.

Sometimes a little kindness in the construction business can go a long way.