Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Poor planning leads to storage problems. Creating bathroom storage is a problem with all small bathroom. The standard size bathroom is normally a 5 foot wide and 7 foot long and the only storage will be in the bathroom cabinet under the sink and in the drawers, if there are any. This usually isn't enough room if more than two people use the bathroom daily.

Bathroom storage becomes a problem if you have a pedestal sink or sink that mounts on the wall with no cabinets underneath them. Using these sinks will create a bigger bathroom storage problem and should be given some serious thought during the bathroom remodeling design process.

Most bathrooms have at least one medicine cabinet that they can use to store small items like medicine, toothpaste, razors, toothbrushes or combs. Most medicine cabinets do not provide you with enough storage for larger items like washcloths, towels, bathroom cleaners, hair dryers and toilet paper.

Installing a cabinet over the toilet will provide you with additional storage but these also have their drawbacks, they are hard to reach. Sometimes homeowners will stand on the toilet because they cannot reach the cabinets, the toilet prevents easy access. They provide good storage areas for items that are not normally used on a daily basis.

You can install shelving on the walls or small cabinets that are no bigger than 12 inches wide along any wall space in the bathroom. Make sure the shelving does not create an obstacle in the bathroom. 12 in shelves will usually provide you with storage for towels, washcloths and household cleaners.

Make sure you keep all household cleaners away from young children, never leave them exposed where a young child has access to them.

Creating bathroom storage in small bathrooms, has always been a problem but there are plenty of solutions if you think creatively you will find them.