Signs The Water Damaged Ceiling Is Still Leaking

I would like most homeowners and contractors to keep something in mind here, your ceiling is usually located directly underneath your roof and if you have any water damage on your ceiling, it's probably going to be a direct result of a roof leak.

This isn't going to be the case all the time, if you have any plumbing, heating or air-conditioning systems directly above your ceiling, this could also be the problem, but your roof is usually going to be the culprit.

You will be looking for any discoloration in your ceiling. This could be small spots or large spots but one thing is for sure it will usually be a different color than your original ceiling. Normally, these spots will be orange or light brown and easy to spot.

They will be even easier to spot if water is leaking from.

What if your water damaged ceiling looks like it's about ready to fall down and is still leaking water from it. I would advise you to find something to catch the water in, first and if possible, try to cover the floor with a thick plastic to prevent the floor from further damage. Then I would try to locate, what is causing the water damage in the first place.

Here's a simple home repair tip, if water is still leaking through your damaged ceiling. You can always poke a hole in the ceiling with a sharp object, usually the ceiling will be so soft at this time, you can simply use a pen or pencil to poke a hole into it.

This will help the water drain into one area normally. If you have water leaking in a few spots this could be a big help, especially if you only have one pocket or pan.

Anything that you can protect, while the water is leaking through the ceiling is going to save you money down the road. Move all of your furniture and any other item that you have away from this water leak. Try to save as much as you can and if you can't do anything about the flooring or the carpeting, make sure that you try it out as soon as possible after the water stops leaking.

Wet carpet will often mildew and spread a horrible smell throughout your house. Wood flooring however will warp and buckle, needing to be repaired by a professional after it is damaged and water.