Secrets To Checking Contractor's References?

What I'm about to tell you is top-secret contractor information and I'm only releasing it to the public, because its time has come. The information that I am about to tell you is something that most building professionals, including contractors might not want their prospective clients to know about.

When it comes to checking your contractor’s references, you could find yourself on an extremely short journey. Most contractors usually hand out between two and five references. Each one of these references will have a name, address and phone number that you can call to check up on your contractor.

Now before you start calling your contractors references, I would like to suggest something to you. Do you think that your contractor is going to give you any contact information from customers that they had problems with? Do you think that your contractor is going to provide you with the phone numbers of clients that weren't extremely happy with them?

I hope you're starting to get the message that I'm sending loud and clear. No contractors are going to provide you with information from customers who are unhappy with their services. You're only going to get contact information from your contractor’s clients who talk highly of them and were extremely happy with the finished product.

With that said, feel free to call every name on your contractor’s reference list. I still have people ask me for references and even after I have explained the process to them, they still want a few references, so I give them, what they want.