The Science Of A Homeowners Mind

I worked for a general contractor one time who worked for a Project manager that majored in psychology. This man would often lose his temper around people that he knew, but rarely lost his temper around people that he didn't. He taught me a lot about working with homeowners and I would like to share some of it with you.

There are many different types of homeowners and you're probably not going to run into the same type of personality, often. While watching the project manager operate with other contractors, I realized that his psychology methods could be applied to homeowners and other contractors.

The first type of personality is a motivator and motivators need to be sold. These are the kind of people that would like to have their bathroom remodeled, but aren't going to do it until you sell them on it. Motivators often purchase things on impulse and make up the majority of the population. These people can usually be sold by other motivators with very little effort.

The next type of homeowner personality is the facilitator. The facilitator personality is hard for some contractors to sell to. These people need to think and don't want to be sold. Motivators often don't sell well to facilitator's, but facilitators sell good to other facilitators.

To summarize the stuff that I just mentioned, motivators work great with other motivators and facilitators work great with other facilitators. Motivators often give the illusion to other motivators that they're giving them the best deal available, even though they're not. Facilitators often need time to think and shouldn't be pushed into signing a contract.

If you have a motivator or facilitator type of personality, you can probably look back at your estimating history and realized the mistakes that you made. With this knowledge, you should be able to correct it and start using these building contractor secrets in the future.