Saving Money With A Home Inspection Checklist

Here's a concept that most people don't think about when purchasing a home. Shopping with a home inspection checklist. Most homebuyers today, contact a real estate professional when they choose to start shopping for a house, after they find the home of their dreams, it's time for a loan.

Most of the time, the real estate professional will put you in contact with one of their preferred lenders. While they're doing that, it's time to find a home inspector, most of the time this is a friend of either the real estate professional or the mortgage lender. Keep one thing in mind here, these people are trying to make money and the only way they can make money is when they sell you the home. Sometimes their best interest will be the same as yours. They want to sell you the home as quickly as possible.

Now let me ask you this, you're obviously reading this article because you're interested in saving money before you purchase the home. Now I can't do much about the real estate professional or the mortgage lender but I can help you with the home inspection. What would you say, if I could give you a little home inspector, one that you could carry around in your pocket?

Okay maybe I can't give you a home inspector but I can give you the next best thing, a home inspection checklist. This home inspection checklist will cover most of the problems related to your home purchase. Don't leave home without it. If you're not a home inspector and do not want to pay for a home inspection report, for every house you visit or are thinking about purchasing. I would think seriously if I were you about finding a home inspection checklist and saving money. The two go hand in hand.

Saving money and a good home inspection checklist, go hand in hand. When you go shopping at the grocery store, do you have a checklist. When you go camping or on a vacation, do you have a checklist. Think of all the other times that you've went somewhere and forgotten something that you needed. Buying a house without a checklist, is a little bit different than going to the grocery store without one.

If you forget something at the grocery store, you could always drive back or maybe pick it up the next time you go. This isn't exactly how it works, once you've purchased a home. I can't stress it enough, how important it is to go home shopping with a home inspection checklist.

If you're in the real estate business, I would suggest you find a good home inspection checklist also.