San Diego Water Damage - Consumer Information

Here's a tip for anyone who lives in a large city and operates a construction business. If you're not using Google adwords, there's probably a reason why. Either they are too expensive, don't list your site in a good position, or you just can't seem to figure out which keywords seem to work best for your construction business.

If your in the water damage repair business, I would like to point something out to you, something that most people might not be aware of. The last time that I checked, on Google adwords, to find out how much the word San Diego water damage would cost per click, for anyone to click on, it was $38. That's $38 per click, that a water damage company, operating in San Diego, would pay Google for you to simply visit their website.

Let me paint you a picture here, you own a construction company and you have signed up with Google and the rest of your competition, to pay, up to $38 per click. Your business is averaging 15 clicks, before you actually get one customer and your average cost of these jobs, is around $800. You can do the math, and get a pretty good idea, how much the construction company will need to add to their jobs, just to break even.

Let's just say that the water damage repair company is paying $20 per click, and we need to multiply that by 15 visitors, that clicked on the Google ads, before the construction company actually got their first job. The construction company can plan on adding $300 to get each one of these jobs, just to break even on their advertising costs.

So instead of paying $800 to repair the water damage that was done to your home, your new cost will be $1100. Just thought I would share a little bit of information, about the construction business with the few homeowners, that might not know about advertising costs in the construction business.