Returning Spa Bathtub - Internet Purchase

This is the conclusion to spa bathtub delivery problems and the problems, that the homeowners had returning their bathtub. I was amazed at what you are about to read but this nevertheless is a true story and needed to be told. If this story can stop one person from dealing with the same problems that we had to deal with, then it was a success.

The homeowner took pictures of the bathtub and e-mailed them to the company, (that was located about 25 miles from their home). The company sent out a replacement pipe for the bathtub overflow but gave us the runaround, when it came to answering our question about the 220 V bathtub that we had ordered.

I forgot to mention the one thing about the 220 V bathtub, the house electrical wiring had already been purchased and installed ahead of time, when previous remodeling was done to the home. The electrical wiring alone without the labor cost almost $200. The homeowner had anticipated and planned ahead for his new bathroom remodel.

Finally the company returns an e-mail to the homeowner, the e-mail mentioned that the bathtub they ordered, didn't have a 220 V electrical system and the website mentions it quite clearly, that this model comes with a 120 V spa motor. The homeowner went back to the website and sure enough it said 120 V spa motor, with that model number. The company had changed the webpage after we had ordered the bathtub. It might be starting to sound bad for the homeowner, but.

The homeowner had copied, dated and saved the original Web page, along with the installation instructions at the time of her purchase. When she contacted the company, by e-mail of course, (they never answered the telephone), and mentioned that she had the previous webpage saved on her computer and that the current one had been changed, after her purchase, they never bothered to replied again.

She contacted her credit card company and explained the problem to them and they took care of it. They took the money back from the company and gave them 90 days to explain themselves. The credit card company ended up giving the bathtub supply company their money back, after the 90 days, with no explanation to the homeowner. The homeowner contacted the credit card company and ask for an explanation, then the credit card company gave the homeowner back her money.

Does all this sound confusing. I'm writing this article at the end of the 11 months from ordering the bathtub. The bathtub is sitting in the homeowner's garage and the company has refused to pick it up. You might be thinking along the lines of, well at least she got a free bathtub out of it, but she still doesn't have her bathroom done and that's the biggest priority to her.

Try to use credit cards for your purchases that will help you, if there is a problem.