Repairing Bowed Basement Wall Damage

It's not uncommon to find your basement walls bowing, especially on homes that were built before the 1950s. Some of these homes are suffering from a variety of problems. The bows in the basement walls, are more than likely due to poor construction.

It's hard to imagine, how much weight or pressure the soil on the exterior of your basement walls is actually applying directly to these retaining walls or so-called retaining walls. If these walls were constructed poorly, there's a good chance that they will fail eventually.

It's hard to imagine, but there are plenty of basements that have been built in the past that weren't built properly. They were built by inexperienced construction workers who were lacking the knowledge necessary to properly construct these homes. Since your basement walls are holding up the entire home, the minute that they start to become a problem, the rest of the home will also start to suffer.

Now what can you actually do and how can you repair this problem. If you are lacking construction experience, I recommend that you hire someone with the necessary experience to repair the building foundation and basement walls properly.

This is not something that you should tackle yourself, without any experience. I would also recommend doing one section at a time. This would require removing the exterior dirt, all the way down to the bottom basement foundation and then removing one wall at a time, after you have shored up the rest of the home properly.

Again, do not attempt to do this on your own. If you have basement walls that are blowing or damaged, I would recommend that you hire a professional for these home repairs. Bowing walls could eventually cause your home to collapse, I would make sure that you contact a professional to at least evaluate the situation for you. I don't recommend getting just one person's opinion, try to get at least two to four professionals to look at your basement foundation walls.