Remodeling Nightmare - My Contractor Isn't On Schedule

One of the biggest problems in the construction industry is the construction schedule. Sometimes contractors make tight or hard to meet schedules just to get the job and this can create problems between them and the homeowners.

As a contractor myself, I understand construction schedules and have needed to follow them closely when working on large projects. If the project isn't very big, you shouldn't even need a construction schedule. However, if the project is large, a well thought out construction schedule could make the difference, especially if there are financial obligations like construction loans that create deadlines for the project.

If you're contractor isn't on schedule and there is no way to motivate them to get back on schedule, there is very little that you can do, unless you plan on firing him. You can threaten most of them all you want, take them to court, hire other contractors and get as mad as you want, but most of the time this doesn't seem to do anything to motivate them.

Here's the best advice that I could give any homeowner, project manager or other contractors that will be working with other contractors or professionals to meet their construction schedule obligations. Make sure that you create a plan, before you start the job about deviations from the construction schedule and come up with a good plan to get the job back on track, before you sign any contracts.

Try to eliminate as many problems before you start the job as possible. Construction schedules can become big problems once you start to get behind on any construction project.