Referral Services To Find Garage Building Contractors

What I am about to tell you is information that most of these online referral service companies don't really want homeowners like you to know about. If you really don't want to become part of the problem, you should read the rest of this article and send it to a couple of your friends.

There are quite a few online referral service companies that charge contractors ridiculous fees just to get your information. You might not pay any money to the contractor referral service company upfront, but I can guarantee you that the contractor you select will be passing these fees on to you or future customers.

The bad part about this, especially if you're trying to find a garage building contractor is that you could be paying for all of the jobs that the referral company has previously charged the contractor.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about, let's say that the online contractor referral service company is charging your garage building contractor $60 per construction lead that is sent to their company. If this contractor didn't get the last five jobs that the referral service company sent them, you could find yourself paying an additional $360 in advertising expenses that will be passed from the contractor directly to you.

I'm not suggesting that every contractor does business this way, but in order for a construction company to stay in business, these business expenses get passed on to their customers. Usually it is in the form of job overhead or other business expenses, but if you're seriously looking for a garage building contractor, you might want to think twice before contacting one of these free services.