Purchasing Building Materials Using The Internet

In 2003 the Federal Trade Commission reported that nearly half of all internet related complaints were fraud. Some of these websites look reputable and provide you with amazing products and guarantees. If it's sounds too good to be true, it's probably something you should stay away from.

Always try to use a reputable company, if you're buying bathroom fixtures, look for companies that sell, lots of bathroom fixtures. I have a list of websites for bathroom fixtures and products that have been around for years. This does not guarantee you won't have any problems with these companies. Don't just use my list, make sure these companies don't have any complaints against them.

You can do this by checking with the Better Business Bureau and other helpful consumer protection companies.

If you haven't made a purchase with this company before and don't know anyone who has, see how easy it is to contact them first. E-mail them with a few questions or call them. If you have a problem contacting a representative from this company, you can count on having the same problem, if you're bathroom fixture needs to be returned or has a problem.

The most important thing I can think of when purchasing over the Internet is to use a credit card that offers you some protection. You should always check with your credit card company regarding their policy, when it comes to purchasing products over the internet.

I have used my ATM card to make purchases over the Internet and my banks, have no interest in helping me, collect my money when a problem arises. Try to avoid using ATM cards for Internet purchases. The biggest problem I had with internet purchases was when dealing with eBay and PayPal. PayPal was hard to contact and continued to send me the same e-mails. They were extremely unhelpful and I never got my money back.

Some of these companies know that you will not spend a lot of time on purchases less than $50. They will continue to give you the runaround until you give up. This seems to be another way of doing business today. The people that persist and demand their money and never give up, most of the time will be rewarded and given their money back. Rewarded and giving their money back, sounds like an oxymoron, it was your money to begin with.

Use caution when ordering over the Internet, and the good news is, it's becoming safer to purchase over the Internet as time goes on.