Protecting Your Company And Personal Information

It seems like, ever since time began, people have been looking for easy ways to acquire information that would be beneficial to them and others. Your personal information, is extremely valuable to marketing companies and e-mail spammers.

Our company has figured out a unique way to store your information safely and protect you from undesirables that use automated programs, to collect your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. This information can be sold to third-party organizations whose sole purpose is to send you marketing materials.

There are quite a few ways that spammers can access your information. Some of these companies use different tactics and even operate in different countries to hide their presence. Once they get a hold of your e-mail address, they could send you relatively large amounts of e-mails and this can become irritating.

At our company, we figured out a way to provide site users with the information they need, while preventing spammers from gathering your company or personal information.

We place your information on a picture and then put this picture on our webpage. The information on the picture cannot be accessed, by automated programs, yet. Who knows, one of these days someone will figure out a way to gather information off of pictures, but for now, I haven't heard of a program that can gather names, e-mail addresses or phone numbers off of a picture. Today were safe, tomorrow who knows.

Our site users will be able to easily access your contact information, but the bad guys won't. Our company will always be looking for security problems and solutions.