Proper Smoke Detector Locations

One of the worst things that a home builder can do would be to locate the smoke detectors in unreachable areas. It doesn't happen as much as it use to, but when local building departments started to require them in all houses, you got to see some of them in some strange places.

They were located in front of heating ducts, next to bright lights, over kitchen stoves and the list goes on and on. I used to have a lot of fun looking for smoke detectors in newer homes and it actually became a unconscious habit of mine.

Home builders should think twice, before installing a smoke detector, simply because the architect or home designer placed it there on the blueprints or building plans. If you notice that a smoke detector is going to be located in a difficult place for the homeowners to change the batteries, you should contact the architect or home designer to verify and make the necessary changes.

Anyone that has heard a smoke detector with a low battery, understands how annoying something like this can be. Could you imagine having a smoke detector placed at the top of the 16 foot ceiling and there's nothing you can do about? I can imagine situations like this, because I'm usually the person that they call for help and advice, when homeowners run into situations like this.

You would think that something like this wouldn't happen anymore, but there are still plenty of inexperienced home builders, contractors and construction workers who rarely think twice and do as they are told. We could save ourselves a lot of grief and frustration in the future, by sharing this information with other people, especially home building contractors, designers and architects.