Problems With Old Electrical Wires In My Attic

Homes built before the 1940s could have problems with old electrical wires in their attics. If the electrical is working just fine in the home and you're not having major issues, you could leave your electrical wiring alone, but I don't advise it.

The old knob and tube electrical wiring that runs through the walls isn't exposed but this type of wiring in your attic is exposed and this could be dangerous for anyone who decides to walk around in your attic. Here is an example of what I'm talking about or a situation that could become complicated and if you're not going to redo your electrical system, it wouldn't be a bad idea to avoid walking around these exposed wires in your attic.

Let's say that you or one of your family members decides to store some stuff in the attic and you see these wires, but as don't know what they are. Most people that aren't familiar with construction or electrical wiring, or even old electrical wiring, aren't going to have an idea, what these wires are. Once they start shoving Christmas boxes into their attic and pushing them against the electrical wires, you could find yourself with a fire hazard and this isn't good.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to familiarize your family with these electrical wires. Get a ladder to provide access for you and your family and a flashlight and take each family member up the ladder individually and explain that these wires carry electricity and could harm them.

Old knob and tube electrical wiring is extremely dangerous and situations that create safety hazards like these should be explained to your family members. Always think safety, especially when working around electricity.