Problems With Mold Growing Underneath Your Flooring

Whether you have carpeting, title, wood or linoleum flooring, you could have mold growing underneath your floors. Remember, that all you need is a little bit of moisture and a nice dark area and you've got a nice home for the mold family to raise its little mold spores.

What if somebody spills a drink on your carpeting and it doesn't get cleaned up. The drink was spilled right next to a couch and some of it got absorbed into the carpeting and padding, directly underneath the couch. You start to notice a foul smell after a few days and it's not going away. I've got some bad news, you could have some mold or mildew and even a fungus growing in your carpeting or even in your padding.

You won't have to worry about spilling something on a wood floor and have been problems with mold, because if you don't clean, what ever you spilled on the wood,, the moisture could cause the wood flooring to buckle. You would have to replace the wood flooring and mold might not be a problem anymore, however the expense of replacing the wood flooring is now going to be a bigger problem than toxic mold could have ever been.

Just because you can't see mold, doesn't mean that it's not growing underneath your flooring. If you have any foul smells or strange odors, coming from one or two rooms in your home, you could have problems with molds and mildew, underneath your carpeting or any other type of flooring.

These problems will usually occur in your kitchens, laundry room's or bathrooms. These areas are exposed to more moisture than any other room in your home. Most of the mold that is found in homes, will usually be found in these areas.