Problems Using Basement Waterproofing Paint

You can go down to any home improvement center or lumber yard and find a good basement waterproofing paint. You can read the directions on the can, talk to any home improvement Center specialist and they will tell you the same thing, these are great products and they work.

I'm not saying that they don't, the biggest problem with waterproofing paints is the fact that they allow water and moisture to be retained inside the block wall or concrete basement retaining walls. Once these walls are painted on the interior wall of your basement, without installing a waterproofing membrane on the exterior of these walls, you can almost guarantee problems in the future.

There are quick fixes for everything and basement waterproofing paint is one of the biggest quick fixes that anyone can use today. These paints work and they work pretty good, however you're rarely going to see the exterior of a basement wall painted with a waterproofing paint by anyone who knows anything about waterproofing.

Here's what happens, when you paint the inside of your basement wall, because it is leaking on the inside, the problem with your exterior basement walls, is that they aren't waterproofed correctly. Once you paint the inside basement retaining wall, you're not eliminating the water from entering the cement block retaining wall or concrete retaining wall.

This water will accumulate and stay for long periods of time, inside the basement walls before eventually drying out. The only way that these retaining walls will be able to drying out properly, will be when it stops raining or any moisture in the soil is gone.

The long-term problems with moisture in your concrete or block retaining walls, is that it will eventually start to deteriorate your basement walls, causing structural damage.

If your basement is leaking, the problem isn't the interior, it's the exterior. The best advice that I could give you, is to contact a professional, if your basement is leaking.