Privacy Fences - What Are They

Here's a question that homeowners have been asking for quite some time, what exactly is a privacy fence. Are these fences that young children can stare through, while you're gardening in the backyard or sunbathing? Or, are these fences that no one can look through, and actually provide privacy from nosy neighbors.

A privacy fence is a combination of both of these questions, it's anything that divides one home from another. They are fences that people can look through, but often diffuse your activities. For example, these fences can be made out of wood, metal, concrete, blocks or even bricks.

Blocks brick and wood can be offset to allow any nice breeze that blows through your yard, to go through effortlessly, or these materials can be placed, spaced or angled, to create the desired amount of privacy that you might require for your family.

A privacy fence can also be considered to be your regular backyard fence. These fences can also be built out of almost any building material that you could possibly imagine and can provide you with a complete or partial privacy, depending upon your needs.

To sum everything up here, a privacy fence would be anything that partially or completely blocks out the view from your neighbors. These fences can be built out of almost any building material, but metal, wood and block are the most common materials.