I'm Never Going To Read My Power Tools Instructions

If you're the kind of person that purchases a power tool and then runs home, rips it out of the box and starts using it without reading the instructions, you're probably part of the majority. If you're the kind of person that does read the power tool instructions, you're definitely part of the minority. Let me explain why you should start reading your power tool instructions before operating the tool.

I have been involved in a couple of construction accidents, witnessed a few more and have heard about hundreds of them from other people that I worked with. Some of these accidents were power tool related while others weren't. I actually cut my thumb off with a circular saw and trust me, it wasn't worth it.

If I would've took the time to read the power tool instructions, I probably wouldn't have had the safety guard wedged up on the saw. If I wouldn't have seen every carpenter on the job using the circular saw with their guard wedged up, I probably wouldn't have done it either. It's almost like the blind following the blind.

Don't take my word for it, I'm sure that you know someone who has suffered some type of injury from a power tool. Could their accident have been avoided, if they understood how to operate the tool safely? There's a good chance that it would have.

The moral to the story is simple, if you don't read the safety instructions, you risk being injured. You should understand how to operate all of your power tools safely and be able to explain how to operate them safely to others. This isn't a hard habit to get into and once you do, it could change your life forever.