Poor Construction Repairs Create Problems

Have you ever heard the expression,” You can fix some of the things some of the times, but you can't fix all of the things all the time.” Well if you haven't, that's because I took another saying and rearrange the words to create a new inspirational thought for the construction world.

Do poor construction repairs create problems in the future? You bet they do and sometimes they can create more problems than the ones originally repaired. I have seen termite and water damaged wood, simply covered up by plywood and repainted, only years later to find out that the damaged areas are creating structural problems and safety issues for the building structure.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but would you hire a shoe repair man who doesn't know anything about plumbing to re-pipe your home. Would you hire a handyman who has been doing home repairs for 30 years to build your brand-new home? Then there's a good chance that were on the same page.

Year after year, I fix and I repair the homes that suffer from poor construction repairs or poor construction assembly and design. The sad part about this is that I was just talking to a homeowner the other day and explaining how the wood that I was repairing became damaged.

He wasn't listening to me at first, until I got his attention with potential home repairs in the future that would need to be made if he didn't correct the situation as soon as possible. I might not have got his attention, with my knowledge, but I surely got his attention when I mentioned the cost of repairing the damage in the future.

Try to use only experienced construction professionals who understand the house problems that need to be repaired. It wouldn't be a bad idea to ask your construction professionals if there is anything that you can do in the future to avoid this type of damage from ever happening again.

You can pay me now or you can pay me later is a term that most contractors seem to live by. If you're not interested in fixing the same repairs over and over again, make sure that the home repair man provides you with a solution to avoid future home repairs and damage to your home.